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Name:Loki Laufeyson

This is the active roleplay account for Loki, The Norse Deity, known by many names such as The God of Mischief ( and Fire- most people forget that), Trickster, Liesmith, sorcerer. He is known to be one of the aesirs, but many stipulate he's a demon. This is because loki is of jotun ( frost giants ) blood . I play the trickster based off of three things- The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Comics and primarily on The Norse Mythology of which he is based on which means that yes, he has children; Fenrir ( A giant wolf. It is ordained that at the end of the world, he shall devour odin ), Sleipnir ( an 8-legged horse that is the allfather's noble steed, The midgardian serpant and Hel- The Mistress of Death. Whichever version I play Loki depends solely on who he interacts with on this most mysterious and epic of adventures.


Both muse and mun are well over the age of 18.
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